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Flesh of the Gods - Sticker 
By Alex Grey

Sticker size: 3" x 4"

"The secrets of spirituality are not only hidden in words, pictures or temples built by humans, but have been safely guarded by sacred plants for millennia.  The term “flesh of the Gods" is a translation of Teonanacatl, the Mexican term for psilocybin mushrooms and describes the magic of the psychedelic state. Eat and become mystically united with infinite Divine Intelligence, only to be ingested in the most sacred way. The ancient shamanic and religious use of plant sacraments is now being recognized as foundational to religion, art and philosophy.  In my painting the hand holds a few consciousness altering fungi as selected scenes from art history highlight mushroom visionary culture. On the left side of the hand an Egyptian bust of Osiris may show a mushroom cap, a Hindu deity sprouts a mushroom head, an 8,000 year old Tasilli cave art mushroom headed running figure carries mushrooms, a French depiction of Adam & Eve munching mushrooms, the Greek Goddess Demeter holding a mushroom, mushroom headed beings from Spanish cave art, and a figure bestowing a mushroom during a Zoroastrian Soma ceremony from a 2000 year old burial shroud found on the Silk Road. On the right side of the flaming eye hand are references to the mushroom showing art from Hawaian, Peruvian, Guatemalan, Mexican and Native American sources. The ubiquitous presence and use of magic mushrooms from around the world revealed by ancient art, shows humanity’s long, deep and ongoing connection with Great Spirit through psychedelic sacrament."
– Alex Grey



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Alex Grey - Flesh of the Gods

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