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  • Net of Being - Art Blanket
  • NEW XL Blanket Size: Approx. 52" x 88"
  • These cozy blankets are woven in the U.S. using 100% recycled cotton!


The Net of Being establishes a new order of infinite space composed of and continuous with infinite consciousness. A fiery web of eyes and galaxies form a realm of total interconnectedness. A grid of Godheads implies mirror-like inter-reflectivity throughout space. The shared heart of each four-faced Quad God sheds an eerie underlight, as a ball of white light inside each head sources luminosity for a level above and beyond sight, a mesh evocative of the mythic Jewel Net of Indra of Buddhafields from the Avatamsaka Sutra.
– Alex Grey


Please note -  we only ship once a week on Mondays and Tuesdays. We ask that you please allow 7 business days for processing, plus shipping time.

Alex Grey - Net of Being

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